It all begins with trust

Trust can make or break an organization. It is fundamental to all enterprises and is a critical factor in the ability to innovate, expand and be resilient. Are organizations prioritizing digital trust? Are they measuring it? Do boards recognize its importance? Access the 2023 State of Digital Trust resources below to see answers to these questions and more—and to learn how your organization compares.and to learn how your organization compares.

ISACA’s study of 8,100+ digital trust professionals examines:







Expert Insights

Guy Pearce

“ISACA’s research finds that an organization’s reputation is both the greatest benefit of digital trust and the biggest casualty of poor attention to it. A single data mishap can have a significant reputational impact, causing customers to distrust its ability to keep their data safe. While 86% of respondents claim to be somewhat confident or very confident of the digital trustworthiness of their organization, separate research finds that most customers don’t trust their organizations with their data. In the interests of digital trust, organizations are advised to identify and address the root cause of this dissonance to understand the disagreement. Trust cannot be had without agreement.”

– Guy Pearce, Executive Data and IT Consultant

Oren Hadar

“Digital trust is a currency that must be backed by a robust validation process. Trust must be earned, which means that in everything an organization does, the end goal must be answering the question, ‘What can we do today to better earn the trust of our customers?’ Those organizations that continually ask this question and make executing on the answers a priority will win in the future — win in market share, profitability and engagement with employees and customers.”

– Oren Hadar, CISM, Director of Cybersecurity & Digital Trust Solutions at PwC

Yunique Demann, Senior Director, Privacy Strategic Lead, NTT DATA Services

“Organizations that create a culture of openness and transparency will find it easier to build confidence in products and solutions that embrace a digital world. Gaining digital trust requires incorporating foundational concepts found in both privacy and security when utilizing personal data. When you can ensure through ethical behavior and sound governance that your organization can protect, store and secure the personal data in its care, you will have the foundation needed to create digital trust.”

-Yunique Demann, Senior Director, Privacy Strategic Lead, NTT DATA Services